Rip Curl Hi-Summer Photoshoot 
Art direction
Rip Curl were seeking art direction on a Hi-Summer campaign of two parts, one featuring irreverent surfer Matt Wilkinson and the other with Owen Wright.
How I helped.
Pitching mood-boards and concepts through to storyboards and shoot plans before planning and art directing each shoot. For part one, I collaborated with lensman Ryan Heywood and film-maker Andrew Buckley to produce a fly-on-the-wall document of Wilko’s day, shot on film and filmed in Super8 to accentuate the Bondi grit. For part two, I collaborated with Trent Mitchell to document the golden hours of a quintessential North Coast surf road-trip. Experimenting with a hacked, pin-light camera added variety and dreamy depth to the final package.
The result.
An authentic set of highly marketable assets for Rip Curl's Hi-Summer marketing campaigns. 

Part II

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