“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.”

– John Maeda

Through design, we have the power to make people feel something.
And emotion elicits reaction … click, purchase, sign-up, share … 
This makes us powerful :)
Simple can have profound results.
In a world that’s crowded, confusing and overly animated, there’s relief to be found in the uncomplicated. And when the voices are many, it’s those who speak with purpose and clarity, that resonate.
Meaning breeds connection.
Understanding audience behaviour, human desires and the ways purchase reinforces identity provides a platform for meaningful design. We connect deeper with brands that inspire us, add real value to our lives and shift our behaviour.
It’s a human-centered approach, where empathy and to lead with a servants heart redefine brand purpose. We seek to understand where our potential customers are in their journey
and tailor our communication to feel relevant at each moment.
Could your team benefit from a freelance design resource? 

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Tim Woolley 
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